MarketPulse Newsletter

The Blood Team started their very first Real Estate / Community Newsletter called LIVEPEPPERELL in January 2016 which distributed to over 4,500 Pepperell Businesses & Residences every month. In May of 2016 the Blood Team added the LIVETOWNSEND Newsletter which distributes to over 3,800 Businesses & Residences every month. In August of 2016 the Blood Team rolled out their new and revamped newsletter called LIVEP.A.T. in the towns of Pepperell, Ashby & Townsend.

After a few years of sporting the same design the Blood Team decided to revamp and roll out an entire new look, updated concept, new named newsletter MarketPulse Newsletter. Our new look has been out since the first of the year in 2018 and so far its been amazing! Our distribution has increased and we now reach Pepperell, Ashby, Townsend, Groton and Dunstable.

This newsletter is a great branding opportunity for the Blood Team, but what is even better is that our newsletters offer a chance for Local Businesses to advertise and get in front of the same customers we are at the same time.

Our idea behind advertising local….
The Market changes constantly – no matter your business. New families move to our area everyday which means new potential customers to reach. Peoples lifestyle and buying habits also change daily.The shopper who wouldn’t have considered your business a few years ago may be a prime target now. Remember the average person moves every 3.5 years

What advertising can do for you….
• Businesses that succeed are generally strong, steady advertisers
• Advertising creates traffic and new customers
• Advertising is an investment in success
• Advertising encourages repeat business
• Advertising keeps you at the top of your target audiences mind
• Advertising keeps you in a competitive race
• Advertising gives you a successful image

Why advertise with the Blood Team….
• Everyone wants to know how the Real Estate market is doing, no matter who you are, our newsletter will deliver the most recent market stats
• Our rates are a fraction of what it would cost you to advertise anywhere else
• We will design your ad for FREE
• Each month with we will feature one local business to share a story about their store and or product or service for FREE. (This could be you!)
• Make more local Sales
• We will help build your brand
• Gain a competitive advantage with our business exclusivity ad per newsletter
• Reach over 16,000 Pepperell, Ashby, Townsend, Groton & Dunstable Residences and businesses every month
• Your competition is and they are probably paying a lot more for less exposure!!!

Our Newsletter is not just for businesses….
Although we offer advertising spaces, and feature Real Estate market stats and tips, its not what its all about. We also feature an entire section for community events to help spread the word and help make our local events an even bigger success!

If your Selling your home with the Blood Team – there’s even a spot just for you in our newsletter! Your home will be featured on the front page of our newsletter, gaining your home even more exposure!

Always remember… Live Local, Be Local, Buy Local

If you are interested in advertising your business in the Blood Team’s MarketPulse Newsletter please contact Elizabeth George – Director of Marketing at 978-433-8800 ext 6 or email