You know that saying “2 Heads are Better then 1?”

Well we 100% Agree – Except we have 6, so it’s even better! We truly believe that all of us make up the Blood Team Realty Group, not just one of us.

As a Team we work together on just about everything. Everyone has their specific role here at the Blood Team – but can be versatile in other roles that may not prominently be theirs.

With a Single Agent:
• You have 1 Buyer’s Pipeline.
• 1 Person doing all the leg work for every listing & potential listing

Now DON’T get us wrong – Being a Single Agent does not mean you cannot dominate the Real Estate Market, because its still very achievable. However as a Team we do feel we have much more to bring to the table.

With a Team – Like the Blood Team Realty Group, we have 3+ Buyers Pipelines. Michael, Sandy, Missy and Kelley run the Real Estate show when it comes to Finding Buyers and Sellers along with closing out the deals. Let’s be honest without our Buyer and Seller Pipelines we wouldn’t be in business. Adding 2 other dynamics brings this team to the top. Michelle and Elizabeth rock behind the scenes of it all. Whether its making the phone calls, marketing each individual property, doing paperwork to help everything run seamless, and more – they are an additional key to the growing success of the Blood Team Realty Group.

With strong dynamics, the Blood Team assures to give you 110% of their energy whether you are Buying, Listing, or just Looking for a home. We are here for you every step of the way!

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