Yes – Unfortunately this can happen just as you thought everything was good to go and you were moving on with your home sale!

We all get excited – including your Real Estate Agent. When an Offer comes in that you accept – faces light up with joy as we know its the next step to getting your home sold and you moving onto your new adventure!

However – things do happen. A common reason for a deal to fall through is a home inspection not up to par with what the seller was hoping. Maybe it was a major fix that needed to be done or something small – but either way the deal fell through.

Is this frustrating? YES!

Does this mean your home wont sell? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

The Blood Team has seen this happen a few times before – in fact it happened a few times this week.

What does it mean to the Blood Team Realty Group when a Buyer walks away after a home inspection?

Re-market! Get your house back out there in front of even more potential buyers. This does not discourage us – it pushes us even more. We do have to disclose if asked – why the previous offer fell through – but that is where you can come in an help!

If the inspection came back that something major needs to be fixed – lets get it fixed! We don’t want to lose another future buyer for an issue we now know about.

If the inspection came back good – with something minor, it may not be necessary to fix, but will have to be disclosed.